Bondi Sushi Opens First South Florida Location, Plans Two More Neighborhood Sushi Bars

Co-owner Aiden Carty says the brand’s focus on freshness, affordability, and local clientele makes it stand out from the pack
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With six locations already operating in New York City, Bondi Sushi has just opened its first sushi bar in South Florida. And after launching what is (according to the South Florida Business Journal) its largest location yet at 959 West Avenue, Bondi is also working to open subsequent locations in Midtown and Brickell.

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“About two years ago, we were starting to figure out what our next move outside New York City was,” said Aiden Carty, a co-owner of Bondi Sushi along with David Hess and Justin Hauser. “Miami just fit with the vibes. Because life is better by the beach, but also because, although Miami had great sushi offerings, it didn’t have our level of freshness and affordability.”

Carty says Bondi’s central goal at each location is to create “local sushi bars that really integrate into the community.” Focusing on locals means trying to reach a regular clientele, and the idea, Carty says, is to offer high quality fish at a price that allows people to visit regularly.

“That’s why we chose West Avenue,” said Carty. “It’s in Miami Beach, but it’s still very local and community-based.”

In addition to Bondi’s proven streamlined menu, the Miami Beach location offers the brand-new Luxe Box described in the South Florida Business Journal coverage: “eight pieces of nigiri with striped jack, chutoro with kizami wasabi and caviar, king salmon and Chirashi Salad with salmon.”

Bondi Miami Beach is also serving seven new cocktails from the team behind Hess, Carty, and Hauser’s NYC cocktail bar concept, Shinji’s.

Bondi Sushi’s next two South Florida locations are expected to open at 1062 Brickell Avenue and in Midtown’s Hyde Building in either late 2023 or early 2024. You can stay up to date on Bondi Sushi news by following @bondisushi on Instagram.

Photo: Official

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