La Chia Vegana To Reopen in Lake Worth Beach

“I can’t hardly wait for you to see and feel the love that is being projected into this space.”
No official opening date has been announced.
Perhaps most notably, the brand serves a wide variety of sauces — from Memphis Belle to Carolina Vinegar — that showcase the cuisine’s wildly diverse regional differences.
“We know that each individual is different and special in their own way."
"Miami, with its vibrant mix of styles and cultures, is the perfect destination to portray the Latin lifestyle and the brand will perfectly fit into the nightlife scene, fusing fun, culture and innovation.” 
“A New Era of Entertainment is Coming to Fort Lauderdale."
“The restaurant will occupy 8,672 square feet at 652 N.E. First Avenue in Suite H-144."
“It’s a very comfortable atmosphere—wide plants, high ceilings, long community tables which emulate the wine country dining experience.”
“Our proprietary blend of whole milk / part skim mozzarella creates a crispy crown of cheese around the perimeter that we affectionately like to call ‘the crispy edge.’” 

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