West Coast Ice Cream Sandwich Chain Plans South Florida Expansion

The Baked Bear’s Miami Beach location is opening soon, with another planned for Wynwood before year’s end
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Founded in California, ice cream sandwich chain The Baked Bear is planning to build its presence here in South Florida, with a new location to open at 909 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach by the end of March. Another location is expected to open at 70 NW 25th St. in Wynwood before the end of the year.

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Behind The Baked Bear’s upcoming Miami locations are Melanie and Kevin Bell, Tracy and James Revell, and Jacinta and Margbe Mason. What Now spoke on Wednesday with Melanie Bell, who says their first experience with the brand was a matter of pure happenstance.

“I was visiting California in 2020, just before COVID,” said Bell. “I consider myself a foodie, so I like to do food tours, but after having a very disappointing food tour I was walking in Downtown San Francisco, and I could smell the baking before I saw the cookies and ice cream. I walked in, and I was blown away by the simplicity, and yet the impact, that it all had.”

The Baked Bear offers a selection of baked-from-scratch cookies, brownies, and house-made craft ice cream. And while the cookies and ice cream can stand alone, the magic happens when you put them together. Guests choose a cookie or brownie for both the top and bottom of the sandwich, allowing for mixing and matching of varieties like Funfetti, Snickerdoodle, and Nutella Chocolate Chunk. Then comes ice cream in flavors like Blackberry Crumble and Mud Pie, plus toppings like hot fudge, whipped cream, and fruity pebbles. Finally, the sandwich can be finished off with a hot press.

Bell’s favorite cookie-ice cream combination: Gooey Butter Cake and Blackberry Crumble ice cream.

“The whole experience really sets it apart,” Bell said of the Baked Bear brand. “We’re super excited to bring it to Miami Beach.”

Photo: Official
Photo: Official

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